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FPSB, Global CFP Professional Community Promote Value of Financial Planning During 6th World Financial Planning Day

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Financial Planning Standards Board Joins International Organization of Securities Commissions to Raise Awareness of, Promote Financial Literacy During IOSCO’s World Investor Week

DENVER, COLO – 23 August 2022 –  Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB), the standards-setting body for the global financial planning profession and owner of the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification program outside the United States, and its global network of organizations will host the sixth annual World Financial Planning Day on 5 October, in partnership with IOSCO’s World Investor Week, which runs from 3-9 October.

World Financial Planning Day raises awareness of the value of financial planning, of having a financial plan, and of working with a financial planner who has committed to competency and ethical standards, like a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional.

FPSB’s network of organizations representing more than 203,000 CFP professionals worldwide, will host a series of programs and events that demonstrate how financial planning can help individuals make financial decisions to achieve their life goals, now and into the future.

“During a time of global economic uncertainty, people may feel vulnerable and concerned about their finances and their futures,” said FPSB CEO Noel Maye. “World Financial Planning Day provides the global financial planning profession with the opportunity to educate the public about financial matters, and demonstrate how financial planners who have committed to putting clients’ interests first, like CFP professionals, can help people navigate complex financial decisions to live their today and plan their tomorrow.”

For the sixth year, FPSB has partnered with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to host World Financial Planning Day during World Investor Week, a global campaign designed to raise awareness of financial literacy and investor protection. This collaboration highlights the role the global financial planning profession plays in supporting regulators to ensure better financial outcomes for people all over the world.

“World Financial Planning Day is a not-to-be-missed appointment within the IOSCO World Investor Week calendar. Investor resilience, which is one of the key themes of the WIW 2022, is very much grounded in financial planning,” said chair of IOSCO’s Committee on Retail Investors, Pasquale Munafò. “IOSCO is working together with FPSB to strengthen this link and, through our financial wellbeing and financial literacy activities, strengthen the ability of retail investors and financial consumers around the world to set goals, to stay focused on what matters most, and to be better prepared to deal with uncertain times.”

“FPSB is pleased to collaborate with IOSCO for our sixth year of dual World Financial Planning Day and World Investor Week campaigns,” added Maye. “Our CFP professional community is proud to play its part in helping the global public become more knowledgeable about finances, to feel more confident and in control during financial decision-making, and to feel empowered that their money choices will allow them to live well, both today and in the future.”

FPSB’s network of organizations will host a variety of activities leading up to and on World Financial Planning Day, including:

Events Around the World

variety of national and local events to raise awareness about the value of financial planning, of having a financial plan and of working with a financial planner. Visit worldfpday.org and join the #WFPD2022 conversation on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram to learn more.

Educational Materials for the Public

A variety of articles and resources to educate individuals on financial planning topics including steps to improve your financial wellbeing, financial guides for business owners, and how to prepare for the first meeting with a CFP professional.

Finding a CFP Professional

People around the world have access to more than 203,000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals who have committed to working in their clients’ interests. Individuals seeking a financial planner to help them plan their future can connect with an FPSB network organization to find a CFP professional in their area.

More information about World Financial Planning Day and World Investor Week is available on worldfpday.org and worldinvestorweek.org and by joining the #WFPD2022 and #IOSCOWIW2022 conversations on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About FPSB Ltd.

FPSB manages, develops and operates certification, education and related programs to benefit the global community by establishing, upholding and promoting worldwide professional standards in financial planning. FPSB demonstrates its commitment to excellence with the marks of professional distinction – CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Logo Mark – which it owns outside the United States. FPSB and the FPSB global network administer CFP certification and other programs in the following 27 territories: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, People’s Republic of China, Peru, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. At the end of 2021, there were 203,312 CFP professionals worldwide. For more, visit fpsb.org